Essex Optometry Services

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Doctors Hager, Ricci and Bacon all accept new patients and recommend annual eye examinations for all ages, beginning at six months of age.

Optomotrist Essex Hager Optometry Examine Room

In our Essex location we have two fully equipped examination rooms as well as the latest technology in pretesting equipment.

Hager Optometry - Essex Optometrist - Equipment

Our Topcon TRK-1P gives a preliminary reading of your prescription, as well as a measurement of the curvature and thickness of your cornea and the pressure inside your eyes – a test for glaucoma.

Hager Optometry Opto Imaging

Our Optos Daytona takes Optomap Retinal Images – a picture of the back of your eye – to help the doctors diagnose and monitor many eye conditions.

Essex Optometrist Hager Optometry Eyeglass Selection

We have over 600 designer glasses, safety glasses and sunglasses to choose from, with many options for any budget. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose just the right frame.We use only high quality lenses with top-notch anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings.

Our staff and doctors can perform eyeglass adjustments and many repairs on site. We have many types of contact lenses in stock and can provide training to those who have never worn them before.

Doctors Hager, Ricci and Bacon are all participants in the Eye See… Eye Learn program. This program was established by the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Ontario Ministry of Health and through sponsors OGI Eyewear and Nikon Optical provide a free pair of glasses to children in Junior Kindergarten.